Shri Mattu Harish Madhyastha

Shri Mattu Harish Madhyastha


At the tender age of 20 years, he started working in Delhi where he gained most of his experience and learnt different culture and language. After four years of working, he discontinued his job and travelled towards north. It was an unplanned journey which started from New Delhi to Lucknow, which continued to Nepal border to Kathmandu, and went upto China border. In the year 1999-2000 after walking persistently towards unknown destinations, finally reached the sacred place Manasa Sarovar. During his journey of Himalayas he received spiritual knowledge, importance and values of Sanathan Dharma.  He had enormous number of speechless experiences as he interacted and lived with several number of Yogi’s for more than 18 months.  Later after returning from Himalayas he joined M&N Publication Ltd, Mangalore. Here again he got another opportunity to travel across Karnataka, and so he visited various religious places, learnt various culture, rituals of one this state.

Later he joined City Info Services Pvt Ltd, in Chennai. He launched new concept Information Technology directory of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, and North, West, East Indian states. He also launched Biotech Directory and Tourism Directory of Indian States with the assistance from respected Government. This gave him wider opportunities to travel across India where he interacted with many people from different culture, tradition and also visited most of the temples. Here he started his detailed study of temples, its architecture, importance, rituals, importance of Mantra, tantra, dance, music its importance, different languages. He also went into the depth about the subject by interacted with many pontiff’s, spiritual leaders, sadhus, here he tried understanding their way of life and self -realization. He has been the part of Kumbh Mela in Prayag and lived with sadhus, practiced yoga, method of Tantra etc..

After a period of time, while he was travelling from city to city for his official work, he met people with many problems and also many poor children. The children who wanted to do their higher education but had no money to pay their fees. So he started providing facilities to poor students for their education like tuition fee, hostel fee and right guidance. Similarly, he has helped 37 students to get educated and get settled in their life till today across the country. He used to actively participate and perform Yakshagana art form at Udupi. He completed his PG in advertising and he joined Creative Agency based out of Chennai worked as a National Head and provided creative ideas for many business houses, political leaders, spiritual leaders in their promotional activities, media planning, strategies etc.

He launched a new concept called online Video Advertising Concept “www. indiabiz.tv & www.buzzar.tv” which enhances TVC’S value and duration into online presence, more than 1500 brands lure their presence in Buzzar. TV uploaded their various TVC’s which gives the consumer to compare and buy the products and interact with brands. He started a webisode called Ramandria.tv, filled with romance, fight- 2min webisode , received lot of eye balls and promotion. He participated in various brand summits at Hyderabad, Mumbai and Ad fest at Cochin, Goa, Delhi, Bangalore. He was a speaker at Advertising Conclave at Goa in the year 2008-2009.He interacted with many advertising, creative, media professionals which gave him a lot of experience and present market situation. He was a guest faculty at Ad club Institution, Asian College of Journalism, Indian Institute of Temple Management Delhi, Teaching, Advertising, Strategies, and Management Strategies etc.

He worked as a Creative Consultant at Magnum and launched a new concept called “ TULUNADU PANCHANGA” calendar released on Vishwa Tulu Sammelana, Ujire in the year 2009.Then he moved to Delhi and started own Creative Agency and media advisor for Sanathan Dharma Trust and Temple Management. He is a Gold Medalist in Advertising; Mr. Mattu Harish Madhyastha hails from the city of temples “Udupi” and grew up in a very traditional family. It was a longtime dream of Mr. Madhyastha of taking out the magazine “Indian Temples- Discover Temples of India”. He was living with this dream since more than 15 years. He fulfilled his dream by releasing the magazine in Sri Kaniyoor Mutt on “Udupi Paryaya Day” by Sri Vidyavallabha Theertha Swamiji on Jan 18th 2014 in front of lakhs of people on this auspicious day. There were many famous people, many pontiffs, many spiritual and religious leaders, VIP’s were present.  His inclination towards Indian culture, religion, tradition, veda, history, etc. made him to travel most of the religious places across India & Nepal from Manasa Sarovara to Kanyakumari. During his spiritual journey he felt the need to spread his knowledge across the globe & young generation who are still not aware of the origin of temples, history, Indian culture, rare archeological sites and many such interesting facts about our own country.

He is also providing spiritual guidance to many people and also individually involved himself in social service. He has also learnt various spiritual and religious rituals performed in different culture and tradition, tantra, mantra shastra etc. His vast research based experience and knowledge will be providing high quality contents for the Indian Temples magazine to its readers. He presented his knowledge and research based ideas with many spiritual leaders and many famous people, spiritual and religious leaders, resarchers,  Swamiji’s, blessed Mr.Mattu Harish  Madhaystha .They are very impressed with new concept Indian Temples released by Mr. Mattu Harish Madhyastha.

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