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Introducing high profile magazine Indian Temples – Discover . Temples of India

We publish an international high profile magazine-Indian Temples –Discover. The Temples of India.. It’s an  English  magazine which showcase  Indian  Temples, Sanskrit language and its importance, festivals and its importance,culture,tradition,art,architecture,veda,purana,Ayurveda,yoga and many more, basically the target is to cover the essence of Sanathan Dharma which actually shows the way to  many religion and culture. As the magazine has its tag line as ‘Discover .Temples of India’ it focuses on the intense stories of the temples. Despite of so much diversity we are united as a nation. The  magazine covers stories, documentation, features and articles from all over the world by the writer scholars, journalists of same genre.

The circulation of this magazine is targeted in all the major book stalls, five star hotels, lounges and also in the international market of US, Europe,Australia,Singapore,Canada ,  Indians Living abroad, NRI’s and foreigners visiting India etc. The aim of this magazine is to give a virtual tour to the Temples and heritage in India and provide the essence of its culture, faith and beauty, to our readers.

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