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Indain Temples-Discover . Temples Of India is a bi-monthly magazine. It is a high profile spiritual and religious magazine with outreach to the readers  providing research based contents  about Indian culture, tradition, art, rituals, Ayurveda and many more.  It includes the History,Architecture and importance  of all the Temples in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. One can explore varied Culture, Religion, Yoga, Health and wellness, Women in India, Hinduism, spiritual  and Religious personalities, Art ,Music etc  which showcase Incredible  India. It is the first and the only magazine which covers the heritage and the Temples across the country.

The vision of the magazine is to maintain  the highest editorial standards. The Indian Temples  –  DISCOVER .TEMPLE OF INDIA   released on 18th Jan 2014 in Udupi Sri Kaniyoor Mutt Paryaya festival in front of huge crowd.

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Edition 1: India – Impact of History on Future

Talk to an average “educated” Indian, and tell him that “A Sadhu from Varanasi told me that our Yoga cures Schizophrenia”, and in all likelihood not just that he won’t believe it, but he will even probably laugh at it. Now tell the same person that, “A recent research at MIT proves that our Yoga […]

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